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Consumer Advice

The AAFRB has the power to investigate and take appropriate action in the case of complaints against registered businesses or accredited individuals; relating to the conversion and or repairs on LPG, CNG and LNG systems on motor vehicles. The AAFRB invites written complaints in circumstances where:

  • The circumstances give rise to an allegation that the contracted work appears to be a breach of the relevant Australian Standards.
  • The consumer believes that the installation and/or repairs to the vehicles alternative fuel system are unsafe.
  • The consumer has made a reasonable attempt to resolve the dispute with the trader and notified the trader of their intention to lodge a complaint.
  • The subject matter of the complaint falls within the jurisdiction of the AAFRB.
  • The complaint does not relate to a breach of contract by the consumer.

Complaints must be received in writing addressed to:

The Chairman
P.O Box 3114
Fax 03 9815 1540
email: aafrb@aafrb.com.au

Online Complaint Form


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Month and Year when work was carried out
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If yes what was the outcome?
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