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Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board (AAFRB)

was established under Victoria's Standards for Registration as set out in Schedule 8 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 1989 to ensure that all LP Gas (Autogas) conversions on motor vehicles in Victoria are carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. find out more...

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LPG, CNG & LNG training requirements for Accreditation

Any person applying for LPG accreditation after 1 January 2016 who has acceptable trade qualifications* must have completed the following competencies and are the minimum training requirements for accreditation:

AURTTL3009 Install LPG Fuel Systems
AURTTL3008 Diagnose and Repair LPG Fuel Systems
AURTTL3007 Service LPG Fuel Systems

These competencies are from the nationally accredited training AUR32012 - Certificate III in Automotive Alternative Fuel Technology

Any applicant submitting an application for LPG accreditation who has previously completed the Liquid Petroleum Gas Tuning .......Read More

15/05/2013 -  Restricted Accreditation Scheme

On 1 October 2012 the AAFRB introduced a restricted accreditation scheme. This restricted accreditation scheme is for Service and Repair of LPG, CNG and LNG Fuel Systems, it is also aligned with the accreditation and licensing requirements for individuals in all other states.

The requirements for these three restricted accreditation's will be that the applicant has one of the following Australian trade qualifications:

·         Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship - Automotive Specialist- Gas Vehicle.

·         Motor Mechanic

·         VACC Motor Mechanic

·         Diesel Mechanic

·         Heavy Stream Mechanic

·         Auto electrician

·         IAME Associate / Member

·         Australian trades recognition certificate - Motor Mechanic

The applicant also must have completed the following from the AUR05 Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training Package: Read More


 - Successful Outcome in the Supreme Court of Victoria 

Media release

On 26 October 2011 the Automotive Alternative Fuels Registration Board (“AAFRB”) was successful in the Supreme Court of Victoria in proceedings commenced by Grazaria Pty Ltd, the owner of the business name South East LPG Conversions (“South East LPG”).

The claim related to a decision taken by AAFRB in December 2010 to reject an application by South East LPG for AAFRB business registration to undertake LPG conversions. That application was made shortly after AAFRB cancelled the registration of a business of the same name and trading from the same premises, at 1/12 Laser Drive, Rowville.

South East LPG’s proceedings attacked AAFRB’s decision, as well as the legality of the registration scheme operated by AAFRB.

In his judgment, Justice Osborn dismissed the proceedings in their entirety and ordered that South East LPG pay the AAFRB’s costs of the proceedings.

Justice Osborn rejected all of the claims brought by South East LPG. Read More 

Automotive Alternative Fuels Association Inc

27 October 2011

27/06/2011- Alternative Fuels Taxation Legislation

The following four bills have passed through both Houses of Federal Parliament and await Royal assent.

The four Bills contained in the package are the Taxation of Alternative Fuels Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, the Excise Tariff Amendment (Taxation of Alternative Fuels) Bill 2011, the Customs Tariff Amendment (Taxation of Alternative Fuels) Bill 2011 and the Energy Grants (Cleaner Fuels) Scheme Amendment Bill 2011.

These Bills bring certain alternative fuels used for transport purposes into the fuel taxation regime and make them subject to excise duty or excise-equivalent customs duty. The fuels affected are liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). The rates for these fuels are based on the energy content of the specific fuels and discounted by 50 per cent to reflect the potential benefits of these alternative fuels. The changes are phased in over a transition period to allow affected parties time to adjust to the changes. They will commence on 1 December 2011.... Read More

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