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Restricted Accreditation Scheme

On 1 October 2012 the AAFRB introduced a restricted accreditation scheme. This restricted accreditation scheme is for Service and Repair of LPG, CNG and LNG Fuel Systems, it is also aligned with the accreditation and licensing requirements for individuals in all other states.

The requirements for these three restricted accreditations will be that the applicant has one of the following Australian trade qualifications:

·         Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship - Automotive Specialist- Gas Vehicle.

·         Motor Mechanic

·         VACC Motor Mechanic

·         Diesel Mechanic

·         Heavy Stream Mechanic

·         Auto electrician

·         IAME Associate / Member

·         Australian trades recognition certificate - Motor Mechanic

The applicant also must have completed the following from the AUR05 Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training Package:

For a restricted LPG accreditation:



Repair LPG fuel systems


Service LPG fuel systems


 Diagnose LPG fuel systems faults


For a restricted CNG accreditation:



Repair CNG fuel systems


Service CNG fuel systems


 Diagnose CNG fuel systems faults

 For a restricted LNG accreditation:



Repair LNG fuel systems


Service LNG fuel systems


 Diagnose LNG fuel systems faults

The requirements for workshop registration will remain the same

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