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Application Forms

Registration allows businesses to operate within Victoria in performing alternative fuels conversions to motor vehicles.

Accreditation allows an individual to become accredited with the AAFRB to carryout LPG / CNG conversions on motor vehicles in AAFRB registered workshops.

The AAFRB recognises some interstate permits / licenses and suggest that those wishing to apply for accreditation with the AAFRB that hold an interstate permit or license to check their qualifications prior to submitting the application. A check of your interstate qualification can be carried out online at

For further information on LPG Registration or Accreditation  CLICK HERE

For further information on CNG Registration or Accreditation CLICK HERE

For further information on LNG Registration or Accreditation CLICK HERE

Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009

Australian Standards 

Compliance Plate Order Form - LPG
Compliance Plate Order Form - NG
LPG Conversion Quality Control Check List

For further information please contact the AAFRB on the details listed below

P.O Box 3114
Phone: 9818 4304 
Fax 03 9815 1540

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